In 2015, my entire world changed with the arrival of my daughter.

Suddenly, every minute counted and I could tally the free ones up on one hand.

Financially and mentally, I needed to work, but my options narrowed right along with my time. Spending hours commuting to a communications desk job to further someone else’s goals seemed like insanity because it would only take me away from my family. But if I stayed home with my daughter, the time needed to immerse myself into novels so I could make them shine just wasn’t available either.

I had to create something new.

And that’s when I discovered content marketing.

It took a few years. Skills like keyword research and SEO weren’t part of the curriculum when I earned my diploma in print journalism or post-graduate diploma in book and magazine publishing; and I’d never had a boss or author ask me about branding or email opt-ins.

Thankfully, I found content marketing as fascinating as publishing, and since then I’ve built websites, written books, and connected with some pretty amazing people.

Best of all, I get to do all that while being at home with my daughter during lockdowns, strikes, summer breaks, and all the other big and small moments that matter.

Here’s what I’m working on right now:

Alpha Author Coming Soon…

If you would like to connect, go ahead and contact me.

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