In 1986 April self-published her first children’s pop-up book Picking the Purrrfect Pet (currently out of print), to the acclaim of her parents and teachers.  The experience was so influential that she continued to write and decided she wanted to help others achieve that same satisfaction.

After completing her childhood and teenage years, April assessed her education options. Wanting to take the shortest route possible into the publishing industry she obtained a diploma in print journalism and then completed a post-graduate diploma in book and magazine publishing, with honours; all while working part-time at a bookstore.

But, as it often does, love changed everything.

Though she was offered a production position with a mid-sized publishing house in Toronto immediately after graduating and completing an internship there, April turned down her dream job and moved to Ottawa to be with, and eventually marry, Dan.

With no traditional publishing opportunities in Ottawa, April began working in communications and public relations for organizations and politicians supporting the Ottawa Public Library, capitalizing on her writing and design skills to keep her around her other love – books.

Luckily fate was in April’s favour and advances in epublishing, the resulting democratization of book publishing, and growing acceptance of self-publishing meant new opportunities in the industry everywhere.

In 2013 April used her contacts in the industry to begin Read Owl. Through Read Owl April was able to achieve her original goal and help authors publish and promote their books, their way.

Next, in January of 2015, April and her husband received some happy news in the form of two pink lines. While preparing for Violet’s arrival, April realized the business model for Read Owl was unsustainable and she would have to pivot her business model if she wanted to continue to serve authors in a way that was helpful.

Currently, April is using what she learned from her clients at Read Owl to develop something new that will be launched at the end of 2016. She lives in Ottawa with her new daughter, husband, and three fur-children.