Service Review: WordAgents Writing Service

It’s no secret that if you want to run a business that ranks in Google, you need content. Writing that content yourself is great, but it’s also shortsighted given the volume needed to produce results. Enter writing services.

All writing services are not created equal however and I don’t recommend spending money everywhere.

I have tested a few writing services, but so far have only found one worth the investment, WordAgents.

Here’s a look at who they are and why I like them:

Why Choose WordAgents 

WordAgents is more than just a website content writing service. They know how current search engines work with ranking online content. They are proficient in keyword density and search engine optimization practices. If you want your website content to be visible, WordAgents can make it happen. 

When you ask for work from WordAgents, you’ll get 

  • Creative title focusing on the topic provided
  • Extensive topic research
  • High-quality content writing
  • Complete proofreading
  • Delivery by the deadline

100% North American Writers 

WordAgents uses only 100% North American writers. Because of their location, they can deliver accurate content that is reader-friendly. There will be no mistakes between words like there and their when you receive content from them. 

Their Quality Guarantee 

If you are looking for high-quality online content, WordAgents not only delivers but back it with their Quality Guarantee. When you order a project through them, they guarantee that you will receive: 

  • 100% original content that passes Copyscape plagiarism checks 
  • Will follow the guidelines you specify
  • Will be factually correct 
  • Will score a 90% or higher with Grammarly to ensure ease of reading

Their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

WordAgents stand behind all their work. They want you to be completely satisfied with the content you receive. With no contracts to sign or set up and cancellation fees, they make it easy to do business with them hassle-free. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with the content they prepare for you, they work alongside you to get it right, offering up to two revisions per article. WordAgents wants all of its clients to know how valuable specialized website content can be and strive to produce that for you every time. 

I have personally put this one to the test, twice. Twice I’ve ordered content that came back sounding either robotic, or the information was clearly wrong. Twice I asked for a revision, and twice it came back with amazing quality.

No Content-Length Limits

Unlike the competition, WordAgents lets you call the shots. They allow you to determine how long or short of a piece you want to create. You do not have to worry about trying to get all your essential information jammed into a small blog post. 

You can use your word credits however you see fit to help guide your business online. Whether you want many small pieces or one large article, WordAgents can create any content length without compromising quality. 

Some Other Benefits of Working with WordAgents 

Not only does WordAgents create premium SEO website content that will give your business the boost it needs, but they also make the process easy for you. There is no guesswork when you order online content from them; you will have complete ownership of your work. The copyright belongs to you the instant you receive your project completed. 

Serving over 2,700 clients and creating over 100,000 projects with more than 77 million words, the results speak for themselves. 

Ordering Interface 

WordAgents has a simple 4-step process for ordering their high-quality website content. 

  1. Pick a pricing package
  2. Order your content
  3. We do what we do best
  4. Receive your high-quality online content order

The user interface is easy to use, and you know exactly what they offer and how to submit your work request. 

Premium Website-Friendly Content 

With so many website content writing services out there, it can be hard to choose which is the best for your company. Since 2014, WordAgents has the perfect solution to connect with your audience, increase your online visibility, and boost your eCommerce sales. 

Many other content writing services can deliver one of these features. But with WordAgents, you will get all these three aspects in your content. This combination of elements helps to increase your brand identity and build a loyal following for future growth. 

They specialize in creating premium content that will help sustain and grow your business online. With WordAgents, you will find success in many of these products: 

  • Blog Posts & Articles 
  • eCommerce Content 
  • SEO Content 
  • Website Content 

Who They Serve

WordAgents is an online content writing service for any organization. They serve a variety of clients, including: 

  • Agencies 
  • eCommerce 
  • Local SMEs 
  • Publishers 

No company is too big or small. WordAgents treats all of its clients as a priority and uses the utmost care in creating premium website content that will yield the results you want. 

Competitive Pricing 

WordAgents has competitive pricing plans to suit any organizational needs. Whether you are a small home-based business or a large corporation, they have a plan to align within your budget. There are no contracts to sign, no start-up costs, and you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees. They make working with them easy and stress-free. 

One-Off Jobs 

If you are looking for a small project, or some website content that will fill your needs immediately, WordAgents offers One-Off job pricing. These plans are terrific for companies that do not want to commit to a monthly subscription or have no need for future content right away. 

Their One-Off pricing plans include: 

  • Bronze: 1,000 words
  • Silver: 5,000 words
  • Gold: 10,000 words
  • Platinum: 20,000 words

You can use all of your word credits for one project or divide it up among several pieces. How you wish to use your word count is up to you. There are no limits on what WordAgents can create!

Monthly Plans 

For companies that will require regular quality content, utilizing a monthly plan with WordAgents can save you money. You will receive a discount on all pricing plans each month that you require services. The larger the word plan you choose, the larger the discounted costs. 

  • Bronze: 5% off
  • Silver: 20% off
  • Gold: 36% off
  • Platinum: 52% off

Bulk Pricing Plans

WordAgents does not stop at 20,000 words, though. They offer special Bulk Pricing Plans for VIP customers who require 200,000 words or more in both One-Off and Monthly plans. These selections include: 

  • Moby: 200,000 words 
  • Thrones: 300,000 words 
  • Rings: 400,000 words 
  • Harry: 500,000 – 2,000,000 words

The cost of premium website content can vary significantly, depending on the services offered by a website content writing company. WordAgents aims to provide the highest-quality work when you pay for projects, and they offer different “upgrades” if you want additional SEO tools added to your orders.

Their competitive pricing plans fall within industry standards. Although you may find other content writing services are less expensive, their quality of work is less than premium. At WordAgents, you know that your projects include high-quality website content by writers who use the care and attention you want. 

Delivery Times 

Not only does WordAgents deliver exceptional website content services for any market niche, but they do this with a relatively tight turnaround. All of their produced content will go through their on-staff editors, who will fact-check the content and ensure it is 100% original and free of plagiarism.

After all of that writing, proofing, and then editing, you will receive your first draft complete within only seven business days. Of course, you may get it faster, depending on the length of your content and the size of your order. 

You have access to up to two revisions from your first draft, which you will receive within two business days. If you aren’t happy with a particular sentence, or if you think the whole article is off-the-mark, you can get it rewritten on the company’s dime, not yours.

They employ a staff of over 500 writers and a professional team to get your content to you as soon as they can, with the quality you expect from a top-of-the-line team!


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