Pivot and Focus

Violet is as motivated as ever, only now her goals have changed. Now that she has mastered crawling and knows it’s not how she is going to get from A to B the fastest, she is working on walking-hard! Almost every moment of play time is spent trying to get up and walk. With each passing day she lets go more often, taking a few more steps on her own before falling or dropping onto her bottom.

I feel the same way. I am convinced that online entrepreneurship is for me. I also know that messing around with too many things will get in my way of achieving my goals.

So I’m cutting down. Just like Violet I now must only think about working on one thing until I’ve got it done@

Here’s my plan now (updated from my last post):

-Continue to work on Amazon FBA selling, while still not taking any funds out of the business until my maternity leave is over and I’m allowed to make money again. While this hasn’t been going as well as I’ve wanted (and I’m going to write about that soon), I do want to experience a Q4 on Amazon, if nothing else than for the fun of it!

-Complete clothdiapersforbeginners.com. This one hurts, but I need to focus.  I will continue to cloth diaper and to spread cloth diaper info and advocacy wherever I go, including on the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Facebook page, but until I get the writing stuff off the ground I’m going to have to put this on hold for now.

-Create materials for authors wishing to edit and publish quality work that are passive.

-Merge my efforts into one brand – me! Dust off my portfolio and congeal everything I do, have done, and am about to do under thewriteDuffy, because I shouldn’t put anything in the way of me being my most genuine self.

-Look at what employment is available in my field and make decisions about if and where I will apply for regular work.

-Continue to care for and love my daughter every day to the best of my ability, because she’s what matters.