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Pivot and Focus

Violet is as motivated as ever, only now her goals have changed. Now that she has mastered crawling and knows it’s not how she is going to get from A to B the fastest, she is working on walking-hard! Almost every moment of play time is spent trying to get up and walk. With each passing day […]

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Today is the Day!

Grab it

This morning, my daughter crawled across the floor for the first time. She will be eight-months-old tomorrow. This afternoon, I was notified that I would not have a job when returning from maternity leave. I have been in the same position for six years. This evening, I am starting to feel as though a giant […]

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Let’s Get Going

Entrepreneurial Focus

My beautiful daughter is four months old right now and she is already a lot like her mother. She hates to be facing towards the person holding her, preferring instead to face the room, perched on top of a knee and pushing herself forward, ready to run around to touch all of the interesting things around her; […]

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