Grab it

Today is the Day!

This morning, my daughter crawled across the floor for the first time. She will be eight-months-old tomorrow.

This afternoon, I was notified that I would not have a job when returning from maternity leave. I have been in the same position for six years.

This evening, I am starting to feel as though a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. A weight I’ve felt for a while.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m scared as hell that I no longer have a job to return to. I’m even more worried about the stress this will put on my husband, who doesn’t deal well with these situations of uncertainty. But all-in-all I’m still a little relieved.

The job, while well-paying, exciting, and fast-paced, was not really for me any longer. For quite some time I’ve been playing at freelance work and business starting, but every hiccup in my personal life has kept progress slow and full of stops. Well, play time is over. I need money. I need to provide for my baby.

Here’s my plan:

-Continue and ramp up Amazon FBA selling, while still not taking any funds out of the business until my maternity leave is over and I’m allowed to make money again.


-Create materials for authors wishing to edit and publish quality work that are passive.

-Merge my efforts into one brand – me! Dust off my portfolio and congeal everything I do, have done, and am about to do under thewriteDuffy, because I shouldn’t put anything in the way of me being my most genuine self.

-Look at what employment is available in my field and make decisions about if and where I will apply for regular work.

-Continue to care for and love my daughter every day to the best of my ability, because she’s what matters.

In the spirit of my daughter’s first knee-slide forward: Carpe Diem B*#@^es! Let’s do this!

Grab it
Violet reaching out and grabbing what she wants. Just like Mommy has to do. Grab that entrepreneurial success mom!

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