Entrepreneurial Focus

Let’s Get Going

My beautiful daughter is four months old right now and she is already a lot like her mother. She hates to be facing towards the person holding her, preferring instead to face the room, perched on top of a knee and pushing herself forward, ready to run around to touch all of the interesting things around her; if only she knew how to make her legs cooperate.

Holding her as she is raring to go, I share her excitement and frustration… let’s get going already!

The first three months of parenting is hard, REALLY hard. It feels less like parenting and more like a survival coma. When you emerge, your newborn is an infant and you’re somehow already sad because they are growing up too fast and you feel you’ve missed most of it even though you were there, technically awake, for every second of it.

But now that she is starting to let me sleep and perform a few minutes of non-baby-duty tasks each day, I’m impatient. I desperately want to start growing a scalable business that I can nurture at home along side my daughter.

Just like she doesn’t know what muscles to move at what time though, I’m a unfocused and stuck right now. This is a crazy time we’re living in; business opportunity and inspiration is everywhere. I have a million ideas and want to work on them all, but without focusing on one I’m holding myself back because I will never complete anything fast enough to see it through.

Even before I begin I know that focus is going to be the key to any success I have. So here and now I’m going to try and shift my thinking to make finding focus the thing I’m doing. Once I’ve done that, then I will switch to focusing on that thing I’ve found.

So, finding focus, let’s get going!

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