Are you:

  • an aspiring author looking to finally finish your first book;
  • already finished a book or two, but are looking to improve your sales;
  • a non-fiction author who does not write true crime, biography, or memoir; or
  • a novelist who does not write Christian, Sci-fi, historical, or teen fiction?

If so, I would love to hear from you because if we’re the right fit I know I can help you get your book(s) completed, perfected, and in front of an audience. It takes hard work, but I think we both know it’s worth it!

Here are the five tools I have to  to help you achieve your goals:

1) Free consulting: I am always happy to take a look at what you have going on and make recommendations about the next steps, with no strings attached, ever. If I can help you level up and it doesn’t cost you a cent, we both get to sing some Queen because we just won!

Oh, and if that’s the case, and you’re down for a Skype lip-sync duet, let me know because I’m all over that.

2) Free information and more free information: I try to share as much knowledge as I can here on this site and via social media. There’s no secret sauce to authorship that I’m withholding the recipe for. I want you to become a master chef and so I’m giving you the complete list of ingredients and the preparation instructions for free.
With that said, time is always in short supply, so if you have a question you can’t find the answer to here please go ahead and email me to ask me directly.

3) Almost-free information: Is an article or an email not enough? How about a whole book? Check out my books page here. If it hasn’t been released yet, there’s a good chance you can get on a list to receive my next book or two for free!

4) Not-so-free-consulting: Need more than a point in the right direction? I do have limited writing coaching availability to help authors through the entire writing and publishing process for a fee. First, we will determine we are a good fit through communication, so you will need to email me with details about your needs.clippy

5) Editing: This is my jam, and if you fall into one of the categories of authors mentioned at the beginning of this page, I would love to see if my editing style might be a good fit for you and your book. I do give sample edits, however I will need information before we begin, so please start by sending me an email about yourself and your work.

Before you contact me, you should know that my rates start at $0.015/word for basic proofreading alone, to $0.03/word for three rounds of tiered editing (substantive, line-editing, and proofreading). You should also keep in mind that an 80,000 word book takes approximately 50 hours just to proofread properly and without fatigue; or about 14 days given my current work and personal commitments.

What you can expect.

There is a very good reason I place free consulting at the top of my list of tools. If you contact me, you can expect I will start by asking you questions about your writing and may even send you a questionnaire or two for you to fill out so that I can get a good understanding of your situations and your needs, if you don’t know them already. Once I determine your needs I will offer you all of the free help, information, and advice I can first and move then on from there.

If all that sounds like a perfect fit for you, we should chat.

You can contact me anytime at april(at)thewriteduffy(dot)com  or via social media (links are in the sidebar) with any question or concern and I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Chat Soon!

-April (thewriteDuffy)

Current goal: I want to help 50 authors complete their book.

No strings, I just want to give them the information and encouragement to help them get it done!