HINT: Number Three Might Shock You!

Book reviews are fantastic things, they sell books and build audiences among other things. But, if you’re not mindful of your process or don’t have the tools to write them with the proper focus, they can also take a lot of time and effort while still not hitting the quality mark that will set you apart from the hundreds of other reviews being posted every day.

I have for you here a fantastic new freebie called ZERO Bad Reviews: 3 Book Review Writing Hacks to Save You Time and Effort. You’ll likely see more content from me under the ZERO Bad Reviews umbrella in the future (and if you’d like to discuss something specific, please let me know), but for now, this free download will give you my top three hacks to help you conquer the book review and write killer reviews quicker, easier, and better. 

It’s not long,  just a five-pager with pictures, but it’s a resource that you will want to keep handy every time you need to review a book just to refresh your memory and make sure you’re not wasting time.